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Rice De-Husking
Need: Brown rice, unpolished rice has better nutritional value as compare to polished white rice. Brown rice has been traditionally produced in villages by a hand-pounding process, but hand pounding of rice is a very slow process with lots of drudgeries. A simple machine developed by Vigyan Ashram can help a rural enterprise to earn a sustainable income while providing value addition of raw rice.

Current Status: Ready To Sell

Concerned Person: Dr. Yogesh Kulkarni

Contact Details: +91-9730005016



  • • While dehusking rice, it retains volatile content in rice.
  • • It retains bran in the rice. Difference in colour of rice is visible and need no convincing.
  • •Breakage of rice < 2% , Percentage of husk removal is over 86 %
  • • It tries to address stocking problem. It will create a system to stock raw rice and supply brown rice as per the demand. This innovation will make it feasible to process rice in small quantity.
  • It can be purchased by women SHG. Such group can sell brown rice.
  • Price of Machine: Rs.60,000/-


  • • Food grade rubber rollers for dehusking.
  • • Size of machine- 1300 *600*800 mm
  • • Weight of machine-Approx 80 Kg
  • • Electrical Load - 1 HP , 230 v AC, 0.75 Amps
  • • Hopper Size - 10 Kg
  • De-husking Capacity- 15-20 Kg / Hr.

How to do?

  1. Impact : Technology is transferred to Climber Enviro Solution LPP (Katraj, Pune) and M/s Future Innovative system (Wagholi, Pune) for commercial production & dissemination. 50+ units were sold with the help of field partners.
  2. Technology Developed for - Machine is useful for rural youth, self help group enterprises. Common citizen are ultimate beneficiary of healthy rice.

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