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Shortage of energy is one of the main challenge everywhere. Many villages still have to spend nights in the dark. Kerosene lamp are still used at many houselhold. Nomadic people, who are always moving from place to place in search of livelihood. It is not feasible to provide them lights using grid p ....Read more »

Hearing Aid
A very special note about human-ear is that humans do not posses control over activity of this vital organ. An incidental sound has to be heard by a human being unless she /he is sleeping or unconscious. Ofcourse there are artificial ways, but natural. However, another fact is that everyone of us ma ....Read more »

2W Solar Charger
Energy is the need of all human being ,its an important & very necessary part of life, without energy life becomes uneasy & we almost cant do anything without energy. As we observed & experienced that in rural parts & even in urban areas of many countries there is huge problem of power cut-offs and ....Read more »