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Vigyan Ashram develops lots of study materials, manuals and learning resources. They are freely available for use. We are using ‘Work centric Education’ approach. This means we are involve students in socially useful productive work. All theory and principles related to the WORK is taught while doing the thing. There are several advantages of this approach –
  1. Students learns in real life environment.
  2. They learn to solve the problem and also refer to the theory and knowledge in the books while performing the task.
  3. It provides service to the community and reduce cost of training.
  4. It avoids waste of valuable resources only for the sake of activities.  
  5. Learning become more useful , relevant and valuable.
We are trying to make all resources developed by us on our website

The website is a part of INDUSA Practical Training Institute (INDUSAPTI). INDUSAPTI aims at training teachers and students through Integrated Work centered Education methodology (IWCE).This Website provides resources (PowerPoint / Video clips / Do-It-Yourself manuals etc.) for teachers, students and parents to learn through IWCE methodologies.


We have following publications and available for sale.
  • Manual and hand books on IBT program
  • Selected Essays of Dr.S.S.Kalbag on Education , Technology and Rural Development