Contribution – Donation – Support

Vigyan Ashram team is able to conduct programs in education – technology development and rural development through financial contribution from society.

Donation to Vigyan Ashram is eligible for 80G certification.

We are looking for your financial support for the following:-
  1. Vigyan Ashram corpus
  2. Vigyan Ashram infrastructure development (Hostel / furniture in the hostel etc.)
  3. Students scholarship for fees
  4. Sponsoring IBT program in schools
  5. Donation for tool upgrade
  6. Sponsoring technology development project.
Please send e-mail to for bank details. If you wish to contribute for the specific cause/program, please do mention it in the e-mail.

Please indicate PAN Number and postal address to post you receipt. Please send your e-mail id. We will share our monthly status report to update you about the progress of the work at Vigyan Ashram.