Diploma in Basic Rural Technology (DBRT)

This is course is for youth who want to start own enterprise. This course is ideal for youth between 15 – 20 years of age. This course is based on philosophy of ‘Learning while doing’ and therefore you do not need to worry about remembering for exam and writing notes ! All emphasis on working in real life situations. The course lots of ‘Doing’ things in the area of Agriculture , Engineering, Energy, Environment, Food processing etc. This is 1 year residential course conducted in Pabal village.

Details of the course as follows :

DBRT is one year residential diploma course offered at Vigyan Ashram. This course is recognized by National Institute of Open Schooling and useful for students interested to learn by hands. This is a multi-skill program in which training is given in the area of:
  • Engineering- (Fabrication & construction& Basic Carpentry, Engineering Drawing & Costing )
  • Energy & Environment - (Electrical, Motor rewinding, survey techniques, solar / biogas etc.)
  • Home and Health (Sewing, food processing and rural lab)
  • Agriculture and Animal Husbandry (polyhouse, poultry, goat farming, dairy nursery techniques)
Beside this computer, meditation, sports, Adventure etc. are parts of the program Students works in each of the section for 3 months. They will work along with instructors to give various services. Most of the campus of VA is build by our students as part of their project work. (Link to Photo/ case story)


1 year residential plus one year apprenticeship. After one year of training at Pabal, students will be placed in the vocation of their choice. We encourage students to work with small enterprises to gain experience.     

Entry qualification

 8th std minimum – on first come basis , Willing to work by hand. The program is useful for those who want to start own enterprise in rural area.


 ‘Learning while doing’ approach overcomes language barrier and ‘Work become the medium of education’. In VA teaching and learning takes place in Marathi, Hindi and English. 

Features of the program

  • Multi-skill program
  • Course is based on “Learning While Doing” philosophy.
  • Training will be given in real life environment.
  • Useful for those- who want to start their own enterprises.
  • Hostel facility available
  • Limited scholarships are available for deserving students. Students are expected to repay back the amount after completion of course.