Fab Lab – O

‘You can Make Almost Anything !’ in the Fab Lab for digital fabrication

@ Vigyan Ashram.

Fab Lab is global network of local Fab labs.

  • Fab Lab is for Education (.edu),
  • Fab Lab for developing innovations & businesses (.com)
  • Fab Lab for building organisation (.org) 

Tools and Capabilities @ VA Fab Lab : 

  1. Laser Cutting
  2. Vinyl cutting
  3. CNC – PCB milling
  4. Plasma metal cutting
  5. Electronics and micro processers
  6. 3D printing & scanning
  7. Traditional fabrication tools

Using Fab Lab :

You can use VA – Fab lab in the following ways :
  • Join Fab Camp : We are regularly organising workshop and small camps for beginners. Beginners are suggested to enrol for such camps. We organise camps on :-
    • Arduinio based projects for school children / beginners
    • Use of digital fabrication tools for Engineers
    • FabEd : Learn all fab tools to make working project for school children / beginners.  
    To know the schedule, please send e-mail on vapabal@gmail.com . Please mention ‘Fab Camp’ in the subject line.

  • Use Fab Lab : If you already have prior knowledge of digital tools. Please come with your digital file. Please send e-mail to : vapabal@gmail.com for appointment. Mentioned ‘Use Fab Lab’ in the subject line.

  • Visit Fab Lab : You are welcome to visit Fab Lab with prior permission. We will able to show the facility and the on going project with you.

Fab Academy :  

VA is center of Fab Academy. You can complete hands on training on digital fabrication and earn a diploma from Fab Academy.  This is a 24*7 - full time course for 6 months. VA provides residential facility for students undergoing Fab Academy at Pabal.

To know more about Fab Academy, please visit : www.fabacademy.org 

D-I-Y Lab

VA has started a satellite lab in Pune city called Do-It-Yourself (DI) lab. IT has workplace , fabrication tools, agricultureal setup, biogas, solar systems, electronics, 3D printing.
VA organises regular workshop for school students and Makers from Pune.

D-I- lab also hosts Makers meet in Pune. D-I-Y lab can be used with prior permission. Write for permission to vapabal@gmail.com with subject ‘Using D-I- lab’.

History of Fab Lab @ Vigyan Ashram

Dr.Neil Greshenfeld, (Director, Center of Bits and atoms ,MIT (USA)) who created the Fab Lab, described Vigyan Ashram as ‘Fab Lab – 0’.

VA-Fab lab was established through the interaction between Dr.Kalbag and Dr. Dr.Neil Greshenfeld in 2002.  It was started in a small 40 sq.ft room.

VA made slow and steady progress to master the use of Fab Lab to solve rural problems.

Some of the successful projects developed in the Fab labs are as follows :
    1. LED lighting solution  
    2. Egg incubator
    3. Precision Agri control devices
    4. Sanitary incinerator
More Fab Lab projects  on vigyanashram.wordpress.com

News @ Fab Labs

To know more @ Fab Lab concept, please visit website of Fab Foundation : www.fabfoundation.org