About Us

A scientist turned educationalist Late Dr.S.S.Kalbag started Vigyan Ashram in 1983 to find out solution to the problems in education.

Vigyan Ashram is located in village Pabal approx 70 kms from Pune. Its situated on Rajgurunagar - Shirur Road. Population of Pabal is @ 10000. There are several small hamlets attached to Pabal which make Pabal central market place. 

Pabal is drought prone and its truly representative Indian village. Idea of establishing Vigyan Ashram at Pabal is whatever we do at Ashram can be replicated in any part of the country.

For us “Vigyan” means ‘Search of Truth’ and “Ashram” symbolises ‘Simple living and High thinking for us, a organization where all are equal, it’s a modern version of old Gurukul system’ 

Present members are :

  • Mr. Ashok Kalbag
  • Mr. Vijay Kumar
  • Mr. Mahendra Rajgude
  • Mrs. Anjali Chipalkatti
  • Mrs.Pallavi Shanbag – Lady representative, Principal Local school
  • Dr. Yogesh Kulkarni (Director & Member secretary)
  • Dr.Arun Dixit , Head- Design Innovation Center, VA
  • Mr.Ranajeet Shanbag (Dy.Director)
  • Two representatives from Board of Indian Institute of Education

Vigyan Ashram is registered Service Mark to implement ‘Rural Development Education System (RDES)’ program conceived by Dr. S. S. Kalbag.

Vigyan Ashram was started under aegis of Indian Institute of Education. It is autonomous center of Indian Institute of Education. It is managing its administrative and financial management through Management Committee of Vigyan Ashram.

Over the years, Vigyan Ashram's program has increased and it is implementing its various program with its sister organisations.

Vigyan Ashram's Pabal and J.P Naik Center campus activities are implemented with the support of Indian Institute of Education.

Scale up activities of Vigyan Ashram are done in partnership with 'Skills Training for Advancement of Rural Societies forum (STARS Forum). It is networking with various NGOs across India and implementing the 'Rural Development through Education System(RDES)' concept of Vigyan Ashram.

Technologies developed by Vigyan Ashram are commercialized through various partner organizations viz. Vigyan Ashram Technologies foundation, Nisargayan Kheti Solutions Pvt Ltd. climber systems and with the help of many of our alumni entreprenuers and many others.