Rural Developement Through Education System

‘Development through Education and Education through development’ is a motto of Vigyan Ashram (fig.1). VA believes intelligence is developed and not inherited. Activity based thinking is the source of intelligence. Good education has to be based on diverse experiences and for this, real life is the best educator. VA believes it is necessary to use technology to increase pace of our rural development. Therefore VA has developed an educational system that integrates education and development, one that is close to the real everyday life.

Fig 1. Education through Development

Vigyan Ashram is working on the above philosophy named as ‘Rural Development through Education System (RDES)’ spelled out by its founder Dr.S.S Kalbag. Various appropriate Technologies developed are disseminated through education program. Students learn by ‘Learning while doing’ methodology and while doing so they provide services to community at modest cost. This gives students experience and confidence to start their own enterprises. Appropriate technologies are disseminated through these rural enterprises. Education based on ‘Learning while doing’ philosophy gives meaningful education to students and helps to develop scientific temper and work culture in them.

Fig. 2 RDES

VA tried to integrate technology in the concept of ‘work centered education’. VA is also demonstrating new areas and ways of providing community services. VA believes, for education for 21st century, we need to change our education system from ‘Book centric’ to ‘Work centric’ education. Therefore VA set its self vision of ‘To become a national resource centre for research, development and training for transformation towards work based education system and related social policies’.