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Low fat chikki
Chikki is an assorted sweet prepared in south Asian countries and popular in India especially in states of Maharashtra , Gujrat and southern India Chikki is an product providing high energy and source of glucose providing immediate relief after tiresome activities like athletic sports , physical exercises It is a food product which is having higher calorie value. Currently Chikki available in market are having fat content The reason for high fat is Oil content in groundnuts , sesame and coconut which are used in preparation 100 gm of groundnut/sesame/coconut has 25 to 30 ml oil present(25 to 30%) In low fat chikki out of 25 to 30 % oil present,20 percent oil is removed from groundnuts/sesame/coconut Fats are required by our body hence instead of fat free, we remove some maximum fat and keep some All the fat is not removed

Current Status: We are conducting training program on various food recipe for SHGs.

Concerned Person: Vigyan Ashram

Contact Details: Vigyan Ashram A/P Pabal , Taluka Shirur, Pune district , Pin 412403 Phone: 91-2138-292326



  • This Chikki is for Health conscious people
  • Also for For Athletes and sports persons
  • Thus lot of business scope for Low Fat Chikki

How to do?

  1. Oil Extraction : Consider case of sesame chikki First oil is extracted. sesame is put in extractor in an hydraulic container and pressure is applied to remove oil
  2. The remaining contents are roasted
  3. Jaggery and sugar are heated to create a syrup
  4. All the contents are mixed homogenously to prepare an mixture
  5. They are put on tray and solidified, cut and packaged

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