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Egg incubator
Need: Most of the commercially available hatcheries are of higher capacities. They are made for large scale poultry farms. There was a need to develop an egg incubator for the local breed. They need to be of smaller capacities. This product is developed keeping in mind the needs of backyard poultry farming and the adoption of local poultry breeds. Business Model : • Useful for farmers, WSHG, rural youth as an allied or full-scale business. • Capital investment- Rs. 20,000 to 200000 (based on the capacity); • Operational cost - Rs. 1 to 2/ egg for a batch of 21 days. • Return-on-Investment (ROI) - 12 to 20 months. Dissemination Strategies : • VA conducts Entrepreneurship Development Programs (EDP) for farmers and SHG members. • The product is promoted through agricultural exhibitions and live demonstrations.

Current Status: Egg incubator is under development. We have made three prototypes and recent completed one order. We are working on some of the issues with solar powdered egg incubator. We are open to orders from customers.

Concerned Person: Anil Gadhe

Contact Details: A/p Vigyan Ashram, Pabal Tal- Shirur Dist- Pune cell NO: 9922162029


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  • This is an Low cost Egg incubator
  • It consumes less power than other Egg incubators available in market
  • It runs on analog system
  • It's fully automated machine no external supervision or control required except power supply
  • Easy to operate simple to understand as any person can handle or operate it easily no extra skills required


  • • Quality insulation chamber for maximum energy efficiency
  • Available in 100 to 5000 egg capacity.
  • FuIly automated controls for temperature, humidity and tray rotation.

How to do?

  1. Impact : Technology is adopted by 50+ beneficiaries including women SHG's, rural youth, social organizations and agricultural extension center like KVK, District Animal Husbandry department (Pune).
  2. Technology Transfer - Egg incubator is commercially manufactured by Vigyan Ashram alumni M/s Future Innovative Systems.

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