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2W Solar Charger
Energy is the need of all human being ,its an important & very necessary part of life, without energy life becomes uneasy & we almost cant do anything without energy. As we observed & experienced that in rural parts & even in urban areas of many countries there is huge problem of power cut-offs and hence, its become necessary to store the energy we get which can be used during cut-offs.

Current Status: As solar mobile charger is available in market but Vigyan Ashram innovated low cost circuit for solar mobile charger. Currently we are taking solar mobile charger as our regular DBRT student's project , also manufactures as per requirement or customer order.

Concerned Person: Pawan Bhaise

Contact Details: Vigyan Ashram Pabal, Dist. Pune - 412403 Maharashtra, India Phone No. : 91 2138 292326


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  • 1) By using this technology you can charge your mobile phone at such a place where electricity is rearly available not available

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