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Human power based energy solution to nomadic tribes
Funding : World Bank Partner : Save Bombay Committee Electrical power at Adivasi Ashram Shalas (AAS) is largely unreliable and education of students is affected as 50 to 70% of evenings are powerless. Nomadic tribal population stays in temporary structures that are rarely fit for human habitation. They camp just outside the cities or move in caravans from one place to another. They are still using kerosene lamp for lighting. Providing grid/solar/wind power to them is not feasible. Solar power as an alternative has limitation in terms of cost of the panel. Difficulty in transportation from one place to other is also faced when solar power solution is attempted for nomadic communities. Further there is hardly any sunlight in rainy days in tribal areas. So we are trying to develop a more realistic/simple/cost-effective solution for rural/tribal lighting. We are trying to development a Mono Wheel Gensets and an attachment to a mobility-bicycle which generates power through a generator/alternator when pedaled daily. This power is stored in a battery and can be used in the evenings for illumination using LED lamps. This idea won ‘Development Marketplace Competition 2007’. We are working on developing low rpm dynamo. The solution will be tested in 50 ashram shala’s. So far unit has been installed in 14 schools and trials are on.

Current Status: After initial success and prototype. The product is taken over by our partner M/S Bottom of the pyramid energy and environmental solutions Pvt Ltd.( ). They have developed it further and commercially selling it,

Concerned Person: Vigyan Ashram

Contact Details: Vigyan Ashram Pabal Pune



  • This technology helps to generate energy for remote areas
  • This is a corporation living in harmony with environment and civic society.

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