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Internet using WLL
DST core support, Loan of Rs.12 lacs from IIE In Dec 2001, Vigyan ashram collaborated with M/S n-Logue communications Pvt. Ltd. (A company incubated by IIT Chennai Tenet group. ( N-logue has a ISP license and providing internet connectivity using Wireless in local loop (Cor-Dect) technology. We established two access centers one in Pabal(Shirur Taluka) and one in Rajgurunagar in Pune District. We have 45 mtr towers at both the places and 21mtrs tower at three places for five repeaters RBS where Line of Sight is not clear due to hills. In remote tribal villages of Rajgurunagar , In collaboration with n-logue and M/S Tata Teleservices , we started providing telephony. Total 38 internet kiosks and 66 telephone booths are installed in 50kms radius around Pabal.

Current Status: Our agreement with n-logue communication Pvt Ltd. was over in 2006. By that time services of mobile phone companies became available in Pabal village. Therefore we decided to stop this project.

Concerned Person: Vigyan Ashram

Contact Details: Vigyan Ashram Pabal



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