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ERM Machine
Funding: DST Core support, CAPART ERM stands for Earth Resistance Meter. This is an instrument that is used for prospecting of underground water. The method is simple enough that many of the non-formal students use it for giving services to the community. Vigyan Ashram made this science available at very low cost. Cost of commercially available machine is Rs.60000/-, VA cost of machine is Rs 6500/-. Every year Vigyan ashram provides water testing services. At the same time on the job training is given to students.

Current Status: VA’s ERM machine can test water up to 150 feet deep. Now a days water level has gone very deep. We are against the heavy exploitation of ground water. Therefore we have not taken up further development of this machine. Cost of our ERM machine is within Rs.10,000. But there are many manufactures available in the market that can test water at much lower depth. Some of our alumni and staff are providing these services.

Concerned Person: Mr Suresh Pawar

Contact Details: Bhujalashree, Rajgurunagar Dist. Pune


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