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CNC Router for Schools & Artisans
Computerized Numerical Control (CNC) machines are quite common for its industrial application. CNC is available for a wide range of applications from milling to assembly lines. With the availability of digital fabrication & sensor technology, CNC's can be made as a tool of learning & assisting decentralized manufacturing. Vigyan Ashram has been working on adopting this technology and widening its application for tinkering labs, maker spaces, and local artisans.

Current Status: Installed systems at 3 different schools in rural Maharashtra and FabLab Nagpur. Bamboo artisan of Velha block of Pune district. • Incubating startups Technoventors Pvt Ltd Mis. Electro - magnitude and M/s. Fab Automation for manufacturing and marketing of CNC routers. • The product is found to be useful for Atal Tinkering Lab (A TL) instructors, maker space managers, schools, etc.

Concerned Person: Vigyan Ashram

Contact Details: Vigyan Ashram Pabal, Dist. Pune - 412403 Maharashtra, India Phone No. : 91 2138 292326



  • Innovative application for local artisans like 3D bamboo engraving, card board cutting etc.
  • Wide range of application like wood engraving, metal sheet cutting, acrylic cutting etc.
  • Low cost & direct current (DC) based system as per the need of rural schools/maker space.
  • Uses open source hardware and software with need based modifications.


  • Useful for cutting & engraving of various material like Wood, Acrylic, Aluminium (6mm) and any soft material.
  • Working Area : 600 mm X 600 mm (Can be modified as per need).
  • Operating Voltage : 230.± 10 VAC and SVDC for control unit.
  • Spindle speed : 30000 rpm Bosch router (can be modified as per need)
  • Open source software: GRBL.

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