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Solar Dome Dryer
Need: Solar dome dryer uses hemisphere shape (dome) to harness maximum solar heat in a given surface area. It has automated temperature & airflow controls for higher efficiency, a better quality of dried products. Field trials of technology show its usefulness for women self-help groups (WSHG), farmers, rural schools, etc.

Concerned Person: Vigyan Ashram

Contact Details: Vigyan Ashram Pabal, Dist. Pune - 412403 Maharashtra, India Phone No. : 91 2138 292326



  • Lower cost: Being hemisphere (dome) shape it requires minimum construction material cost per unit drying area, reducing overall cost of manufacturing.
  • Better drying efficiency : Hemisphere shape gives maximum expose surface area to sun heat during day time with better air flow dynamics leading to much better drying efficiency compare to conventional solar dryers.
  • Better nutrient, color and flavor retention due to in-direct solar heat and air flow controls.
  • Dryer designed for rural SHG's as primary target beneficiaries with very less maintenance cost and easy operations.


  • Hemisphere (dome) shape for maximum sun heat capturing & better air flows.
  • Loading capacity- 1.2m2 diameter size with 5 m2 loading area for drying of 25 kg pomegranate arils or 10 to 12 kg leafy vegetables.
  • Automated air flow control through micro­controller based temperature and humidity sensing along with solar fan.

How to do?

  1. Impact : VA is promoting live demos and trial of dome in Pune district through grassroot organization network and CSR funding support.
  2. VA is conducting Entrepreneurship Development Programs (EDP) based on food processing techniques for farmers and SHG members.
  3. VA is also encouraging engineering graduates / local fabricators to manufacture these dryer under Techn­-ology based rural enterprise.
  4. Product is promoted through agricultural exhibitions and live demos.
  5. Technology Developed for - Residential ashram schools for drying of vegetables