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Composter - Magic bin
Kitchen waste composting is a key step to Swatch Bharat Abhiyan. A good composting requires: 1. Appropriate microbiological culture. 2. Optimum level of water and air. Vigyan Ashram decides to come forward for spreading helping hands towards green environment. We have designed and fabricated basically 3 types of composting systems:- 1. Magic bin- Magic bin are low cost system for individual household composting. This system basically include 1 perforated basket, 1 garden fork, 1 tray along with 1 kg culture. Product Details: Minimum Order Quantity - 1 Piece Type of Waste - Kitchen waste Capacity (Kg) - 20 Liters Grade - Manual Electrical Consumption - Nill Main Vessel - Basket Suitable for no of Households - Individual House Electrical Supply - Not Required Shredder - No Procedure: 1. Load the culture in the perforated basket. (1 kg) 2. Load the daily waste from kitchen into the perforated basket. 3. Mix the culture and garbage with the help of garden fork given. 4. Every time you load the kitchen waste into basket, repeat the step number 3. 5. Repeat the cycle until basket fills up to it’s 80% loading capacity. 6. Once basket fills up to it’s 80% loading capacity, unload the entire mixture from basket into the trey. 7. Keep the trey in well controlled atmosphere. 8. The mixture from trey will convert to compost in next 7 days. 9. Repeat steps 1 to 7. We have used culture developed by “BARC” which help us to achieve good compost in the period of 7 days. We are thankful to “Dassault Systemes La Fondation” for their support for scaling up the technology. Advantages: i. No shredding required. ii. Free from pathogens and foal odour. iii. Easy to operate. iv. Compost in 7 days. v. Available in customized capacities.

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