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Aquaponics is, simply integration of hydroponics (cultivation of plants without soil) and aquaculture (fish farming). In aquaponics system water from aquaculture is used as irrigation water for crop production and extra water returns back to fish tank. When this water circulated near root zone, nitrogen fixing bacteria (manly nitrosomonas and nitrobactor) convert ammonia (NH4) in to nitrite (NO2) and then to nitrate (NO3) form, which is very good source of nitrogen for plants and less toxic to fish in aquaculture system as compare to ammonia. A part from this, aquaculture water is also very good source of almost all macro/ micro nutrient required for plant growth. So this is completely self sustainable system of crop & fish production where about 90 % of the water and 100 % nutrients are recycled for organic crop production. This is an experimental setup at Vigyan Ashram and the document publishes results we have received.

Current Status: This technology is under development. We have initial success but working on to provide commercials of it.

Concerned Person: Ranjeet Shanbag

Contact Details: Vigyan Ashram Pabal Dist Pune


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  • This is very useful for urban area where we can get fresh fish & vegetables any time.
  • Also it is useful in rural, or tribal area where people are facing a problem of malnutrition just because they can’t buy vegetables from market but because of this they have to pay for bread only not for fish, meat or milk ……!


  • It haves great features like this project we can use in hotels where fish tanks/ aquarium are available and they have to clean its water regularly
  • By using this concept they can grow some decorative plants above fish tank
  • Because of this plant regular cleaning of water is not required the fish waste is used as food for plants and fish tank will get cleaned automatically every day when you will start the pump
  • Also it can give an exotic look to hotel….!

How to do?

  1. Aquaponics made up of three main parts first Fish tank second is reservoir and third one is water pump.
  2. It produces fish, animal food (azolla), and vegetables/ tomatoes
  3. It’s construction is made in such a way that the fish tank is kept at lower highs in which we grows edible fish and also azolla
  4. We kept reservoir on some height (more than the fish tank) in which we grows vegetables
  5. In this project water get’s atomically recycle just we have to pump the water once in day to reservoir

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