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Egg incubator
Initially the egg incubator machine developed by Vigyan Ashram was from scrap material with success rate of 12% only but over a period of 1 and half year the technology gets evolved, now the success rate latest machine at Vigyan Ashram is near about 92% for small is 100 egg machine and 85% for 500 egg Capacity machine

Current Status: Egg incubator is under development. We have made three prototypes and recent completed one order. We are working on some of the issues with solar powdered egg incubator. We are open to orders from customers.

Concerned Person: Anil Gadhe

Contact Details: A/p Vigyan Ashram, Pabal Tal- Shirur Dist- Pune cell NO: 9922162029


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  • This is an Low cost Egg incubator
  • It consumes less power than other Egg incubators available in market
  • It runs on analog system
  • It's fully automated machine no external supervision or control required except power supply
  • Easy to operate simple to understand as any person can handle or operate it easily no extra skills required


  • Vigyan Ashram is now developing same machine which will work on solar energy
  • And for commercial purpose Vigyan Ashram is Designing a machine for 15000 eggs

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