Technology Development

Vigyan Ashram believes in use of Technology for increasing pace of development and increase productivity of our development efforts.

We believe in use of technology to reduce drudgery, stop exploitation of natural resources, balancing environment and also to ensure better quality of life for all citizens.

Our rural areas of full of problems ! and Vigyan Ashram believes ‘Every problem is an Opportunity !’ We tries to find out technological solution to the rural problems.

We are located in small village ‘Pabal’ and that helps us to be closer to the community and understand the difficulties faced by rural people.

VA is continuously engaged in developing , adapting and disseminating new technologies useful to rural community.

Our focus areas are as follows :

  1. To develop post harvest Technologies
  2. Develop electronic systems for precision agriculture
  3. Develop farm equipment
  4. Renewable energy applications
  5. Water and waste management
Vigyan Ashram is supported by Dept. Of Science and Technology (Govt. Of INDIA) through its Core support Program. (

Vigyan Ashram is also supported by Praj Foundation for bringing technologies which have piloted and need to be perfected into finished product.

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Vigyan Ashram is also managing website of Technologies developed by all DST core support organisations. Please visit to learn about them.

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