School Program (IBT)

Introduction to Basic Technology (IBT) - Multi Skill Foundation Course (MSFC)

(Integrating Socially Useful Productive work with school curriculum)

Work Centric Education Program In Secondary Schools

The program is recognised under National Skills Qualification Framework (NSQF)
as Multi Skill Foundation Course (MSFC)

What is IBT ?

  • STEM  (Science , Technology , Engineering, Mathematics )Program in School
  • Learning While Doing pedagogy in school
  • Project based learning
  • Students involved in Socially useful productive work (SUPW).
  • Community Services – Students providing various services to the community as part of their learning.
  • Integration of ‘Work Activity’ with School curriculum

Why IBT ?

  • To develop intelligence of a child
    ‘Activity to hand stimulate the intellect’ – Mahatma Gandhi
  • To develop creativity, logical thinking, skills, values like dignity of labour, team building, gender equality etc.
  • To connect education with the real life problems.

Who can implement IBT ?

  • Any school from class VI – X std can implement IBT program.
  • Govt of Maharashtra has approved it as a Pre-vocational subject V1 for class VIII – X std since 1987
  • It is also approved under name ‘Multi Skills Foundation Course (MSFC)’ under National Skills Qualification Framework. It can be taken up as a core subject in Maharashtra.

How to implement the program ?

  1. The program is given to students for one day per week (10 school period per week). 
  2. School provides for land, 2 classrooms (800 sq.ft), and electric connection.
  3. Tools and equipment (Approx Rs.100000/-) to be made available in the school.
  4. Instructors (Preferably entrepreneur from the community) having demonstrable skills to be selected as instructors. 
  5. Recurring expenses for instructor’s honorarium and consumables need to arranged.
  6. A science/mathematics/other subject teacher need to be involved to link work activity with the curricular concepts.
IBT Broucher Download IBT Program Presentation

What is taught in the IBT Program ?

IBT program considers ‘Nature’ as the syllabus. Broadly everything related to ‘Living’ and ‘Non Living’ can be part of IBT curriculum. The program is divided into four sections i.e

Download syllabus of IBT-MSFC : Level 1 : IX th std - Download Level 2 : X th std - Download  

Following are indicative technologies taught to the students as a part of IBT program.

Drip irrigation,  Sprinkler, Vermi composting, Vemi wash, Humidity chamber, AQUA Portal, Nursery technique, Azolla culture, Weather SMS, Seedling Tray, Vaccination
Poultry, Age estimation, Rice cultivation, Crop using(SRI)
Mulching, Silage
Feed concentrate for animals
Pest control
Soil testing
Solar cooker, LED lighting ,Biogas, Soak pit, Watershed, Smokeless stove(Check dam construction),Earthing, Inverter
Computer applications, Plain table survey  GPS
Solar drying, Food preservation,
Drying of vegetables
Medicinal plant cultivation, Mosquito control (Gappi Fish breeding),Making phenyl, liquid soap, Water testing
Healthy diet, Soya milk, Blood testing
Ferro cement,
Bamboo treatment,
Different Agriculture tools
Ventilation – Low cost housing, Toilets,
Pedal power, Fabrication Plumbing,

What is the impact of IBT ?

  1. It helps in developing understanding in curricular topics. i.e Mathematics, science etc.
  2. It helps students in deciding their future preference.
  3. It helps in developing overall personality of a child.
  4. It helps in developing healthy relation between school and community.
  5. It helps in making schools Happening Place!
  Summary of various impact assessments can be downloaded from here   Download

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What kind of services provided by Vigyan Ashram ?   

  1. All kind of technical support for starting the program.
  2. Training and orientation of instructors and teachers.
  3. Designing activity and scheduling of activity in schools.
  4. Mentoring / school visit
  5. Content development

Who are the Partners :

Following organisations have supported / supporting Vigyan Ashram and helping to take IBT program forward:--
  1. Dept. of science and Technology (Govt of India)   
  2. UNICEF , Chattisgarh  
  3. Govt of Odisha
  4. IPE Global Limited.
  5. Sir Dorabaji Tata Trust
  6. Lend-a-hand-India
  7. Praj Foundation
  8. Suzlon Foundation
  9. Dantewada District Collectorate

Timeline of IBT Program

List of all the schools running IBT program across Maharashtra, Chhattisgarh, and Odisha

Major Project taken for promotion of IBT program