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Fab Lab Innovation Award
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6. The "Covid hand washing challenge" was won by Vigyan Ashram at the Fab X international conference in 2020. Aditi Kharade submitted the idea during the pandemic for the hand washing competition. On November 19, we were given a "Forest Scientific Corporation (USA) make CNC machine)" as a prize. We paid Rs. 2.5 lakh customs charge on the imported machine. This machine requires 6 kWh of power and has an 8*4 foot bed size. We can now perform wood routing and cutting tasks in the Fab lab at Vigyan Ashram.

UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador - Priyanka Chopra’s visit to IBT school, Lucknow UP.
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Goodwill Ambassador of UNICEF and Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra visited IBT program at Lucknow (composite schools, Aurangabad) on 7th Nov 2022. Students displayed projects like solar dryer, hemoglobin testing, kitchen gardening, robotics application etc. This visit has helped in creating interest among Govt official’s and community about IBT program. It also helped to motivate students as well as instructors, teachers and all the members working on the IBT Program. Educational department officials Riya Kejriwal (Chief Developmental officer), Madhav Tiwari (Senior Education Specialist), Ranjit Singh (Educational specialist), Ritwik Patra (UNICEF Education head), Mr. Arun Kumar, BSA) were present for program.

Diwali festival - Joy of making and selling
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IBT students from schools in Maharashtra and U.P made various gift articles, decorative lights, food products etc to sell during the festival of Diwali. Students collectively earned more than one lakh rupees during one week of sale. They made 9000+ Painted Diya, 570 + packets, 800+ lanterns, 40+ decorative lamps, 140+ bottles of perfumes, and 50Kg+ Diwali faral (sweets). Students arranged an exhibition of these products with the help of their teachers. This activity gave them practical training on communication, arranging exhibits, customer interaction, record keeping etc.

Sanitary pad incinerator installation
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Sanitary pad incinerator is successfully installed at Bhagwanrao Napate Institute of healthcare education at Paud, Pune in girls hostel on 12th September 2022. It’s LPG based automated incinerator with 60 pad per cycle capacity which takes around 12-15 minutes. It is burning sanitary pads completely without any black-smoke formation with fuel cost of Rs.1.20 per pad. Presently sanitary pad incinerator is used for 120 pads per day without any difficulty. We are thankful to Bhagwanrao Napate Foundation for first order & feedback of unit.

18th March Registration for ART Day at Vigyan Ashram
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We are organizing a program on the second anniversary of Mrs. Meera kalbag (Amma - Founder of Vigyan Ashram) on 18th March at Pabal. We are observing the day as an Art Day! We will try to learn about new art technique on this day. Theme of Workshop will be "SEW.CREATE.REUSE.BEAUTIFY" and it’s include following activities; Machine embroidery and hand embroidery on bags Recycle cloths into bag Interlocking bags Block painting and screen printing Paper bags Tattoo art Register at
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